SOS Difference

There are two components to the SOS difference that help us stand apart from its competitors. Incredible customer service and an undeniable product. While we are an environmental company, we are a service company first and we are there to aide and advise our clients to the best possible solution.

SOS Difference - Quote

“In the 20 years that I have been involved with the remediation of salt water and oil & gas produced water type releases, I have not found a better product. I have been working with SOS products since they were introduced to the market place.”

- Director-Environmental, Healthy & Safety at TCEQ

SOS Environmental has been providing products and services to industries across the nation and internationally for almost 20 years.

The company provides products and services to environmental service providers, oil and gas producers, chemical manufacturers, road construction and maintenance providers.

The SOS remediation services offer site evaluations, in-situ remediation of sodic or hydrocarbon contaminated soils, lab testing, required amendments, project work plans, project management, application services and equipment, or technical assistance and training.

The SOS Environmental team has moved into its third decade of providing cost effective alternatives and solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. Products and application technology developed through continued research and industry partners have made SOS a valued resource to oil & gas producers and environmental service providers in the US and internationally.

As opposed to Dig and Haul once treated the problem is eliminated as opposed to simply transferred to a different location. We see ourselves as a partner in assisting our clients to find a permanent solution now that not only helps our clients now but alleviates potential liability down the road.

Product Technology is another major distinction is the product technology developed by SOS. DeSalt Plus™ is the water soluble, active solution specially designed for prevention, reclamation & revitalization of severely salt damaged soils. The DeSalt Plus™ soil amendment links and optimizes Ca++, Mg++, K+ & NH4+ ions (stabilized to prevent conversion), selected activating organic acids, and flocculating agents, polymers and penetrants to improve percolation and surface contact. The DeSalt Plus™ is more than a chemical, it is a system. A soil amendment system proven over nearly 20 years and 3 continents.

It also DOES NOT CONTAIN NITRATES like a majority of other competitive products. Nitrates have been linked to ground water contamination and subsequent health problems. We feel there is a better way and that way is Desalt Plus.