Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

SOS Environmental achieves dust control and soil stabilization on unpaved roads by stabilizing the roadbed, reducing the vehicular dust emissions of unpaved roads and minimizing periodical road maintenance using Dust Master and Dust Check.

Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

“It is always a pleasure to do business with SOS. The quality of work is above and beyond what is expected and the concern for safety and the environment is among the highest level in the industry.”

- Production Foreman at J-W Operating Company

Dust Control and Soil Stabilization

There are some additives that could be acceptable as dust suppressants, but they are inadequate in extending the longevity of the road bed. One of the key factors in the selection of an additive as a road bed stabilizer is whether it can improve the shear strength of the bed forming soil.

While the shear strength is influenced by several compositional and environmental factors related to the soil, internal friction and cohesive forces between the particles play a critical role. The stability of the road bed is also dependent upon the thickness of the treated soil layer, which in turn increases its overall shear strength.

Carefully designed amendments Dust Master™ and Dust Check™ stabilize the road bed and substantially reduce the vehicular dust emission. Applications also minimize periodical road maintenance and watering costs. Road bed composition and climate will determine which product will give you the best results.

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