Bio-Remediation Services

SOS Environmental and its affiliates, Advanced Microbial Services, are a biotechnology team employing the natural abilities of microbes and the advances in MicroBoost™ technology to consume or transform various chemicals through their bio-remediation services.

Bio Remediation Services - Quote

“SOS Environmental, Inc has been providing remediation products to Anadarko for over five years. Several sites impacted by discharges of produced water from oil & gas production have been successfully remediated and re-vegetated.”

- EH&S Supervisor at Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Bio-Remediation Services

SOS offers a full line of bio-remediation services and products including:

We treat fuel, oil and gas contaminations with our bio-remediation services

The most common biodegradable wastes are hydrocarbon sources such as fuel, oil and grease (FOG) compounds, industrial waste solvents and coolants, and sludge waste. These compounds, which produce visual, operational or disposal problems, are also food sources for bacteria under the proper conditions. Our function is simply to assist the natural process.

When hydrocarbons come in contact with soil, water, or equipment the goal can range from property restoration, to waste water treatment, or waste management. Applying the science of biotechnology properly through processes of nature is the key to a successful project.

The SOS/AMS. Laboratory, located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a production facility devoted to the cultivation of microbial products. Because we grow our own products, we grow fresh batch cultures of our microbes to a viable cell concentration of not less than 2 billion cells per milliliter or 7.5 trillion per gallon. These concentrated products are delivered straight from the lab to the location. We do not re-grow old batches or store our products for more than 30 days. The three microbial blends listed are the most common blends used from the 116 different species in our inventory. Custom blends with specific properties can be formulated.

A custom blend of 28 naturally occurring aerobic microbes selected for their hydrocarbon degrading capabilities. Although they are aerobic, most organisms of these species will go into anoxic respiration in the absence of oxygen, replacing it with nitrate nitrogen if necessary. Each species is tested after it is grown to ensure desired qualities have been maintained. They are then blended into the AMS-101™ inoculation for cultivation. AMS 101™ provides a multi-species cooperative colony for the degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons, oil & grease, gasoline, diesel, fuel oil, volatile organic compounds (benzene, toluene, xylene), PAH, phenols and alcohols.

Download the AMS-101™ Product Sheet
Download the AMS-101 SDS

18 species for industrial wastes for the degradation of isoprenoids, linear and cyclic terpenes, lignin and its degradation products, dyes, phenols and related compounds

Download the AMS-201 SDS

24 species for restaurants and grease control for the degradation of fats, oils, protein, starch, sugars and other compounds associated with food production, processing, preparation, or service.

Download the AMS-301 SDS

MicroBoost™ is a concentrated and stabilized nutrient package that promotes and accelerates reproduction and growth of microorganisms, shortening the time required for hydrocarbon degradation. (Click to See Chart)

MicroBoost™ is a specially formulated product for bio-remediation of soils contaminated by petroleum hydrocarbons.

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BioWash™ is a highly concentrated aqueous based cleaner and breaker for the removal of petroleum and organic based hydrocarbon accumulation on soils and surfaces. BioWash™ is superior for routine cleaning operations in commercial and industrial establishments.

BioWash™ can be used on soil, asphalt, concrete, pilings, plant floors, offshore platforms, well heads, tank bottoms, metal parts, rocks and other surfaces. With regular use, BioWash™ removes oil and grease build-up and stains on surfaces. After initial applications, less BioWash™ is needed for maintenance treatment.

BioWash™ is a biodegradable product that can be used in conjunction with soil remediation products such as, MicroBoost™ and DeSalt Plus™ for the bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.

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